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Season Draw

We've had a few questions about the draw and thought it would be good to let everyone know that the Fixtures and Grading Committee are only as good as the information given to them. As always at the start of any season, there are some things that change and, rather than put out a season draw and have to change it all, we simply put out a weekly draw until such times as the teams situation is settled.

Unfortunately at the moment, a few things are still up in the air as regrading, feeder situations and other issues get in the way.

Rest assured that the Committee is very good at what they do and will have a longer term draw out very soon. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Ground Rules

This season we have a few unusual situations that have caused some problems for some clubs that, if not resolved, could lead to teams having to forfeit and/or the competition being less competitive.We at the BSA want neither of those things to occur and I'm sure you don't either. So there will be a few changes to the Ground Rules for probably this season only. We go to great lengths to make your softball experience as good as it can be both on and off the diamond and any changes have this foremost in our minds. Your constructive feedback, of course, is always welcome so if you have a suggestion please send it to [email protected] - no well meaning idea is a bad idea!

Players Needed

Just because the season has started doesn't mean that new players aren't needed and welcome. Spread the word. There is nothing soft about softball!

About us

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Windsor QLD 4030

t : 07 3357 8208
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